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Annual Meetings

ArcTrain organizes an annual meeting taking place in a different city each year, alternating between Canada and Germany. In addition to presenting their research and receiving feedback from their thesis committee, students have the opportunity to follow soft-skill training workshops and participate in bonding activities.

2018 Floating University aboard the R/V Polarstern

13 students participated in the mission PS115/2 in the Eastern Arctic Ocean abord the Polarstern research icebreaker. The Floating University was organized in collaboration with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute. Students had a first-hand opportunity to develop skills in field techniques for marine geology and sea ice physics, in addition to being introduced to the reality of international and interdisciplinary field campaigns in remote locations.


ArcTrain supports the participation of students in different international conferences, including the European Geophysical Union general assembly, the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society meeting, the ArcticNet annual scientific meeting and other conferences.


Continuing training activities take place throughout the year, including soft-skill workshops, retreats, first-aid in remote locations courses, etc.

2015 ArcTrain Summer School

Students had the opportunity to discover the Torngat Mountains national park, in Nunatsiavut (Labrador). On-site training aimed at improving the expertise of students on the different realities of the Arctic, from biophysical and anthropological perspectives.

2015 Floating University aboard the R/V Polarstern

The first edition of the Floating University took place in 2015, with about 20 ArcTrain students participating in mission PS93/1 onboard the Polarstern research icebreaker. The field campaign in the Fram Strait and Eastern Greenland introduced students to field techniques in marine sciences.