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The Greenland Ice Sheet during past Interglacial Periods 

University of Calgary
Supervisor: Shawn Marshall
Co-supervisors: Anne de Vernal (Geotop-UQAM) and Simone Kasemann (MARUM and University of Bremen) 

Project description:

The PhD student will examine the development and evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet and Canadian Arctic icefields through the Pliocene and Pleistocene, with a particular focus on ice sheet reconstructions during past interglacial periods. Model reconstructions need to be evaluated through a detailed synthesis and analysis of available marine proxy records of former ice sheet extent.  This will include tracer modelling of meltwater runoff and iceberg discharge from Greenland (i.e. stable water isotopes) and of sediment provenance. The research will make use of an existing ice sheet model developed by the PI, but will require the student to develop input datasets for Pliocene-Pleistocene simulations, to adapt and refine the model for the Greenland-Canadian Arctic domain, and to develop new tracer code for subglacial sediment provenance. Dataset development and model-data intercomparisons will take advantage of the ArcTrain expertise and co-Is based at the Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and MARUM (Bremen, Germany).

Additional information:

The candidate should have a background in glaciology or climate system dynamics. Experience or interest in physical and numerical modelling (e.g. ice sheet or climate modelling) will be required. The candidate will be based in Calgary but is expected to spend time at co-I institutions in Montreal and Bremen, as appropriate to the research project and potential course work.

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