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New ArcTrain members

ArcTrain welcomes 5 new members:

  • Camille Brice, M.Sc. candidate, INRS, Research topic: Paleoceanographic study of the Isjorden fjord of Svalbard
  • Charles Brunette, Ph.D. candidate, McGill, Research topic: Seasonal predictability of sea ice in the Arctic Seas using Lagrangian methods. 
  • Mathieu Chevalier, Ph.D. candidate, UQAM, Research topic: Si budget and flux from western Arctic to eastern Canadian basins. 
  • Claude Desrochers, M.Sc. candidate, UQAM, Research topic: Ice marginal and frontal reconstructions in Will County, Illinois by geomorphologic approach using LiDAR DTM 
  • Thomas Richerol, Postdoctoral fellow, UQAR-ISMER, Research topic: Evolution of modern dinoflagellate cyst assemblages from the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary

Congratulations and good luck to all the ArcTrain students from the 1st cohort who have completed their degree and are leaving for further challenges!


Expedition in Greenland

Two ArcTrain students recently had the opportunity to take part in an expedition to Kulusuk, South-Eastern Greenland and Northern Iceland to collect marine sediments for paleoclimatic analyses. A video on their expedition can be viewed here.


12 new PhD positions in Bremen

We are looking for motivated and qualified candidates with interest in Earth and environmental sciences, holding strong undergraduate degrees in disciplines like environmental physics, oceanography, (paleo)climatology or geosciences.

More detailed information about the projects and positions and how to apply can be found here.

All positions are for a fixed term of 3 years. The earliest starting date for each position is October 1st, 2016. Salary corresponds to a 2/3-position according to German TV-L/TVöD E13. The call is open until the positions are filled. The review of applications will commence on 1st June 2016.

The University of Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute are particularly aiming to increase the number of female researchers. Applications from female candidates, international applications and applications of academics with a migration background are explicitly welcome. In case of equal personal aptitudes and qualification priority will be given to disabled persons.

Summer school 2015

From August 20th to August 29th, 24 ArcTrain students took part in the ArcTrain summer school 2015 in Labrador. The itinerary includeded the visit of archeological and geological sites around Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Torngat base camp (see photo below) near Saglek. Along the trip, students got acquainted with various aspects of the North, including biophysical environments and the social and cultural setting. They also collected water samples, which will be used for further lab analysis and participated in a documentary produced by the MARUM to promote the ArcTrain program for future students.

For more information regarding this summer school, please read the field trip booklet and stay tuned for the publication of the complete fieldtrip report and the documentary. 

BASE CAMP layout








Floating university PS93.1

On July 18th 2015, 20 ArcTrain students were headed back home after completing a unique scientific training called "The Floating University" that focused on core sampling techniques at sea, physical and biochemical data collecting pratices, and analysis methodes for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic proxies. This 3 weeks training was part of the Polarstern Expedition PS93-1 which main goal was to investigate the variability of key environmental parameters in the Fram Strait during warm periods (interglacials) of the geological and historical past.

For more information, please read the Polarstern blog or the weekly reports.

floatinguni floatingice

MSM44 expedition

The MSM44 expedition on the RV Maria S. Merian has completed its mission in the Baffin Bay along the western shelf of Greenland. The team of scientists onboard included 3 ArcTrain students, a bathymetry team surveying the seafloor for glaciogenic features using equipment such as a multibeam, parasounder, and echosounder as well as a geology team (gravity core, box core, multicore) and biochemistry team (multi-net, CTD).

For more information, please read the Marum's blog or the chief scientist' weekly reports below:

Week 1 report

Week 2 report

Week 3 report

Week 4 report


2015 Floating University

We are now accepting application for the 2015 Floating university. 


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