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New ArcTrain members

ArcTrain welcomes 5 new members:

  • Camille Brice, M.Sc. candidate, INRS, Research topic: Paleoceanographic study of the Isjorden fjord of Svalbard
  • Charles Brunette, Ph.D. candidate, McGill, Research topic: Seasonal predictability of sea ice in the Arctic Seas using Lagrangian methods. 
  • Mathieu Chevalier, Ph.D. candidate, UQAM, Research topic: Si budget and flux from western Arctic to eastern Canadian basins. 
  • Claude Desrochers, M.Sc. candidate, UQAM, Research topic: Ice marginal and frontal reconstructions in Will County, Illinois by geomorphologic approach using LiDAR DTM 
  • Thomas Richerol, Postdoctoral fellow, UQAR-ISMER, Research topic: Evolution of modern dinoflagellate cyst assemblages from the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary

Congratulations and good luck to all the ArcTrain students from the 1st cohort who have completed their degree and are leaving for further challenges!


ArcTrain Canada comprises 9 Canadian partner institutions:

UQAM Memorial University of Newfoundland University of Alberta
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