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New ArcTrain members

ArcTrain welcomes 5 new members:

  • Gabriel Auclair, M.Sc. candidate, McGill, Research topic: The partitioning of ocean heat flux between the Bering Strait, the Fram Strait and the Barents Sea Opening and rapid declines of sea ice extent in the Arctic.
  • Bimochan Niraula, M.Sc. candidate, McGill, Research topic: Oceanic Heat transport in the North Atlantic and its relation to sea-ice levels in the Arctic
  • Sarah Leta├»ef, M.Sc. candidate, UQAR-ISMER, Research topic: Reconstruction of sediment provenance changes, mechanisms and dynamics in the Canadian Arctic during the last 2 ky.
  • Maryam Zarrinderakht, Ph.D. candidate, UBC, Research topic: Iceberg calving and ice melange rheology.
  • Julie Velle, Ph.D. candidate, UQAR-ISMER, Research topic: Glacial dynamics and sedimentary environments of the southern Alaskan margin during the late Pleistocene and Holocene.

Congratulations and good luck to all the ArcTrain students from the 1st cohort who have completed their degree and are leaving for further challenges!


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