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PhD MIT/WHOI Joint Program, 2014

Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Calgary (since March 2014)

Supervisors: Shawn Marshall, John Yackel

Research topic: Effects of sea ice variability and change on Greenland ice sheet mass balance

Brief outline of the research project: Alison has been investigating Arctic climate and sea ice history using new ice cores she has retrieved from Ellesmere and Devon Islands in the Canadian high Arctic.

Progress update: PI on two projects, completed all fieldwork and lab analyses for year one (2015), and have written up one paper thus far which is in review. Her second fieldwork season begins mid-April 2016; she will be drilling an ice core on Agassiz Ice Cap, northern Ellesmere Island.

Arctrain related publications and conferences:  

-Talk on “Ellesmere Island ice core record of recent sea ice behavior and North Water Polynya variability” in May 2014 at the ArcTrain annual meeting in Bremen, Germany

-Presented a poster on “Ellesmere Island ice core record of recent sea ice behavior and North Water Polynya variability” at AGU 2014

-Published publication in JGR-Atmospheres: “Influence of tropical-Arctic teleconnections on ice core marine aerosol records from Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada”

 -Submitted publication to The Cryosphere: “Marine aerosol records of Arctic sea-ice and polynya variability from new Ellesmere and Devon Island firn cores”

 -Presented at the IPICS meeting 2016 (International Partnerships in Ice Core Science) in Hobart, Tasmania

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