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PhD UQAM/U. Nancy, 2012

Supervisors: Claude Hillaire-Marcel and Kumiko Azetsu-Scott

Research topic: Boron isotopes as a proxy of paleo-pH in the Labrador Sea and its variations in response to climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration changes

Ocean acidification is the progressive ongoing decrease in seawater pH due to absorption of anthropogenicc CO2. This pH decrease leads to biogeochemical cycle perturbations (e.g. bio-calcification processes) and might have negative impacts on marine biotopes. Projections out of the instrumental observations framework (covering the last decades) have to be made to fully understand the current oceanic acidification and its impacts. To do so, past seawater pH data from different, and even extreme, climatic conditions are needed. Marine carbonates from geological archives will give us the basis to study past pH variations on different timescales. Boron isotopes in marine carbonates are a proxy of ambiant pH. This project will focus on the Labrador Sea as it is a key component of atmospheric CO2 tranfert to the deep ocean.

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