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Quentin Duboc

Ph.D. candidate

Supervisors: Guillaume St-Onge, Patrick Lajeunesse

Research topic: My project will focus on the dynamic of the collapse of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Hudson Strait and Labrador fjords, and on catastrophic events which may have been caused by the deglaciation in these places. Sediment cores and geophysic data will help to establish the quaternary stratigraphy and highlight sediment structures formed by the deglaciation steps or actual sedimentary processes.

Progress update: From august 25th to september 25th, 2015, the mission MSM 46 of the german ship MS Merian took place in Eastern Canada. Some cores and geophysic data were already obtained in Lake Melville, Saglek and Nachvak fjords, and in Hudson Strait. U-channels taken from the cores were scanned on January 2016 to give us a better idea of changes in lithology. The project is just at the beginning.


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