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Natasha Ridenour

Ph.D. candidate
U. Alberta

Supervisors: Paul Myers, David Barber

Research topic: My thesis will investigate freshwater in the Hudson Bay Complex (Hudson Bay, James Bay, Foxe Basin, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay). Using the ocean model NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean), I will investigate the pathways of river discharge, the exchange of freshwater between Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait, and the effect of the fresh Hudson Strait outflow on the Labrador Sea. I will also study the long term impacts of hydroelectric facilities on river discharge and freshwater in future climate scenarios.

Progress update: My PhD research is part of the BaySys Project Team 1 and focuses on the dynamics and processes of freshwater in the Hudson Bay Complex. Since starting in September, I have finished my course requirements and have been comparing variables from multiple model run experiments with available observations. I have also been familiarizing myself with two different river data sets and will soon have twin model experiments with different river runoff forcing. 

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