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PhD candidate
McGill University

Supersivors: Bruno Tremblay

Starting date: September 2015 (Master degree)

Research topic: Seasonal predictability of sea ice in the Arctic Seas using Lagrangian methods. 

Progress update: Charles has been working on the development of the method and some analysis during his Master degree. The regional Lagrangian tracking method with the area flux approach is operational and has given some results. Tentative of volume flux analysis with the PIOMAS dataset have been pursued but don’t seem concluent. Some improvement in the numerical method still needs to be done. Further comparison of the results with SMOS data is considered. As for the radiative budget approach part of the project, a first try in quantifying radiative feedbacks over the Arctic has been performed as a course project (Atmospheric radiation, ATOC 525). The method still needs to be improved and implemented in the Lagrangian tracking routines.

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