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SarahL2Sarah Letaïef

M.Sc. candidate

Supervisors: Guillaume St-OngeJean Carlos Montero-Serrano

Research topic: Global warming observed since several decades causes abrupt changes that are currently observed in the Arctic. For this purpose, an oceanographic expedition was carried out in 2016 on board of the GCCS Amundsen in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The overall objective of this M.Sc. project is to compare the sedimentological, magnetic and physical properties of the sediment during the last 2 ky to reconstruct sediment provenance changes, and study sediment mechanisms and dynamics in the Canadian Arctic.

Progress update: 45 box cores were analysed  with the MSCL. Sarah is currently measuring the physical properties of box cores with the MSCL in split core mode and sampling for different analyses: magnetic, grain-size, geochemical and dating analyses. The cores will be dated to locate the sampling depths corresponding to the climatic changes of the past 2 ky.




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