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GabrielAGabriel Auclair

M.Sc. Candidate
McGill University

Supersivors: Bruno Tremblay

Starting date: September 2016

Research topic: Gabriel is doing research on the link between the partitioning of ocean heat flux between the Bering Strait, the Fram Strait and the Barents Sea Opening and rapid declines of sea ice extent in the Arctic. The BSO and Bering Strait ocean heat fluxes can interact with the sea ice over shelf seas whereas the Fram Strait heat flux is believed to be insulate from the sea ice by the cold halocline layer. The partioning of the ocean heat flux between the gates could therefore be linked to rapid declines. 

Progress update: He is doing analyses on the 40 ensemble members of the CESM-LE model under the RCP8.5 scenario as well as working on CCSM3 A1B scenario runs. Preliminary results from CESM-LE indicate that the BSO and Bering Strait ocean heat fluxes are indeed strongly linked to rapid declines in more than 20 ensemble members.


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