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Ph.D. Candidate
Laval University 

Supersivor: Patrick Lajeunesse

Starting date: January 2015

Research topic: The research will be carried out in three distinct areas of northern Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada: sectors of Scott Inlet, Milne Inlet-Pond Inlet and Buchan Gulf. These three sectors are characterized by the presence of fjords valleys which were under the influence of glacial processes during the Wisconsinan glaciation (Gilbert, 1985; Stravers & Syvitski, 1991; Klassen, 1993; Dyke, 2004. Praeg et al, 2007). The interest to study these three sectors is that the fjords are a buffer zone between the terrestrial and the marine environment. This buffer zone is a sedimentary trap which allows the accumulation of powerful sedimentary sequences (e.g., Gilbert, 1985; Syvitski Praeg & 1989; & Praeg Syvitski 1991). The sediment accumulated at the bottom of the fjords may therefore contain rich information on environmental change, glacial dynamics, glacial history and sedimentary processes (Gilbert, 1983; Syvitski et al. 1987; Powell & Molnia, 1989; Syvitsky 1989; Syvitsky & Shaw, 1995; Howes et al, 2010). The main objective of the research project is to better understand the Quaternary or late-glacial dynamics and processes in the fjord-cross-shelf trough systems in Northeastern Baffin Island. This research will also help to rebuild the deglaciation of Northeastern Baffin Island, linked to climatic fluctuations and glaciological and geological controls.

Progress update: Swath-bathymetric and geophysical data were acquired the 2014-2016 ArcticNet expeditions onboard the CCGS Amundsen. The multibeam bathymetry data were processed using Caris Hips & Sips ( and MB-System ( softwares. They were then transferred in ArcGIS 10.5 for mapping and analyzes. For now, analyzes and interpretation of the data is done and this led to the publication of a first article in Scientific Reports.

ArcTrain related publications and conferences:

Brouard, E., Lajeunesse, P., 2017. Maximum extent and decay of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Western Baffin Bay during the last glacial episode . Scientific Reports, 7: 10711. DOI: DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-11010-9

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