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Philippe Roberge

M.Sc. Candidate

Supersivor: Anne de Vernal

Co-supersivor: Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Starting date: September 2017

Research topic: As part of the project "Dynamique et prédictibilité des changements climatiques et environnementaux en cours le long des marges est-canadiennes", we are using sclerochronology on bivalve shells from the eastern Canadian coast as proxies. By observing the difference in growth rate and in certain elements (Al, Ba, Ca, Cd, Mg, Mn, Pb, Ti, U, etc.) through the shell, we aim to study the state of the climate through the Holocene.

Progress update: We are still in the first part of this project. We are currently in contact with museums and collectors in order to gather the necessary specimens.

ArcTrain related publications and conferences:

De Vernal, A., Le Duc, C., Roberge, P., Brice, C., Brochard, C, Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2017. Late Quaternary sedimentary/biogenic fluxes along the Lomonosov Ridge under sub-perennial to perennial sea-ice. Fifth PAST Gateways International Conference, Fiskebäckskil.

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