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CouettePO2Pierre-Olivier Couette

Ph.D. Candidate
Laval University 

Supersivor: Patrick Lajeunesse

Starting date: January 2018

Research topic: This project will focus on understanding Late Quaternary glacial dynamics in the Clyde Inlet fjord-cross-shelf trough system (Northeastern Baffin Island) using high resolution  swath bathymetry data, acoustic sub-bottom profiles and sediment cores.

Progress update: High resolution swath bathymetry and acoustic sub-bottom data were collected during expedition MSM66 onboard R/V Maria S. Merian in 2017. Additionnally, we use swatch bathymetry imagery from various cruises of the CCGS Amundsen and R/V Nuliajuk from 2003 and 2016. The multibeam bathymetry data was processed using Caris Hips & Sips software and the acoustic sub-bottom data was processed using The Kingdom Suite software. 

ArcTrain related publications and conferences:

Couette, P-O., Lajeunesse, P., Dorschel, B., Broard, E., Gebhardt, C. Ghienne, J-F., 2017. Late Quaternary patterns of deglaciation in Clyde Inlet, eastern Baffin Island. Conference paper, Arctic Change 2017.

Couette, P-O., Lajeunesse, P., Broard, E., 2017. Late Wisconsinan glacial dynamics in Broughton and Merchant's Bay troughs, Eastern Baffin Island. Conference paper, 47th International Arctic workshop.

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