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M.Sc. candidate

Supervisors: Jean-Carlos Monterro-SerranoGuillaume St-Onge

Research topic: Over the last decades, instrumental data have demonstrated that the area of the Devon ice cap has diminished by 600 km2 (4%) as a result of climate warming. The sedimentary records are essential to study the dynamics of glaciers for time periods prior to historical data. The purpose of this project is to compare the sedimentological, physical, mineralogical and magnetic properties of sedimentary sequences collected in the proximity of the Belcher Glacier onboard the Canadian icebreaker CCGS Amundsen in the 2017 mission.

Progress update: The core chronology will be assessed from 210Pb measurements. Whereas the physical (L*, a*,b*, density), mineralogical and magnetic (variation in concentration, in size and in mineralogy of magnetic grains) analyses will allow to reconstruct the variability of detrital inputs over time. Overall, this study will allow to better document and understand the influence of climate changes on the dynamic of the Belcher Glacier over the last centuries.



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