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 Castro L

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Ph.D. candidate (since Sept 2013)
University of Alberta

Supervisors: Paul Myers, Eric D. Galbraith

Research topic: Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay gas exchanges from coupled ocean/sea-ice/biogeochemical modelling

Brief outline of the project: Laura is currently modelling biogeochemical, ocean and sea ice in the ice cover seas of the Arctic Northern Hemisphere Atlantic at a 1/4 degree resolution. This regional configuration is called ANHA4. She uses the biogeochemical model BLING, coupled to the ocean model (NEMO) and ice model (LIM2) to study the interannual and decadal variability of oxygen and biological carbon pump in the ice cover regions of the North Atlantic. 

Progress update : A hindcast simulation of ANHA4-BLING is completed from 1958-2013. Currently evaluating model fields and starting preliminary analysis focusing on ventilation of deep waters in Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea. At the same time, she is preparing to run modelling experiments simulating changes in atmospheric conditions, for example.

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