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Ph.D. candidate
McGill University

Supersivor: Bruno Tremblay

Research topic: Development of a linear elastic ice model to simulate important land-fast ice processes, such as its formation, stability, break up and inter-annual variability. The goal of the research is to incorporate land-fast ice in a dynamical sea-ice model with a parametrisation that is based on observations, and that simulate the land-fast ice characteristics seen in each of the marginal seas and the Canadian Archipelago.

Arctrain related publications and conferences :

-November 21-24 2014: Poster “Formation and break up of land-fast ice in the Parry Channel, Canadian Arctic Archipelago”. Mathieu Plante and Bruno Tremblay. 3th FAMOS (Forum on Arctic Modeling and Observation Synthesis) meeting, Woods Hole, MA, USA

-April 2015: Published article : Lemieux, J.-F., L. B. Tremblay, F. Dupont, M. Plante, G. C. Smith, and D. Dumont (2015), A basal stress parameterization for modeling landfast ice, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 120, 3157–3173, doi:10.1002/2014JC010678.

-June 2015: Oral presentation. “Observation-based large-scale material properties of land-fast sea ice”. Mathieu Plante and Bruno Tremblay, 49th CMOS (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society) Congress 2015, Whistler, BC.

-November 3-6 2015: Poster “Large scale material properties of land-fast ice”. Mathieu Plante and Bruno Tremblay. 4th FAMOS (Forum on Arctic Modeling and Observation Synthesis) meeting, Hyannis, MA, USA

-November 10-11 2015: Poster “Modeling land-fast ice using a linear elastic model”. Mathieu Plante and Bruno Tremblay. Quebec Ocean 2015 Annual General Assembly (AGA). Quebec, QC.



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