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The Reality of the North

Following ArcTrain summer school 2015 in Labrador, a series of conferences on 'The Reality of the North' was held at UQAM Coeur des Sciences on August 31st and September 1st. The conferences focused on the biophysical environment of the North and socio-cultural aspects of human settlement in the Arctic. Reknowned researchers shared their knowledge concerning neo-eskimo and paleo-eskimo migrations, Inuit culture, architecture, living habits in the North, social, economic, and political issues.

To download the presentations, please click on the links below:

Arctic birds & pollution by Jonathan Verreault

Plants, people & landscapes by Alain Cuerrier

Vegetation of the Arctic by Esther Levesque

Arctic Geopolitics by Joel Plouffe

Mineral resource in the Arctic by Kristina Maud Bergeron & Michel Jebrak

Environmental contaminants & human health by Dave Saint-Amour

Ethical principles of cultural and social research on the North and the Arctic by Daniel Chartier

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