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Workshop II - Arctic Field Course

NainDates and location to be announced

This field course will complete the PhD students training towards aspects of Arctic climate change not directly covered by ArcTrain research portfolio, namely aspects of permafrost, polar vegetation, and glaciomorphology. Thie field course will take place in an Arctic setting in Canada and include field activities and hands-on experiences.

Preliminary program (subject to change):

The field activities will include:

  1. Lectures on Arctic processes in the regional context. Exercises with stereoscopes on Arctic geomorphology, from the coastline to the summits in order to prepare the field work.
  2. Field activity in an Arctic or Subarctic setting, including coastal geomorphology, meeting with the Inuits and learning about the archeology and first human settlements at this remote location.
  3. Camping in a National Park to examine the Arctic ecosystem, including permafrost and related periglacial features, glacial geomorphology and tundra ecology.
  4. The field work and exchanges with Inuits will lead to a report and the production of outreach material on the human adaptation in the eastern Canadian Arctic, which is characterized by extreme environmental conditions. The report will be presented at the general ArcTrain assembly to take place afterward in Montreal.

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