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Workshop III - Socio-Economic Aspects of Arctic Global Change

Pond InletDate and location to be announced

This workshop will introduce the PhD students to the societal (political, economic, sociological) implications of global change in the Arctic realm, allow them to engage in dialog with stakeholders and expose them to a range of potential employers beyond the academia (e.g., industry, NGOs, governments, etc.).

Workshop concept:

  1. Three days of lecture and panel discussions with experts to sensitize the participants to issues related to:
    • The challenges of development in Arctic coastal settings (transportation, design, architecture)
    • Arctic marine resources exploitation
    • Sovereignty and geopolitics in the Arctic
  2. Three days of a simulation exercise: impacts assessment
    • Students divide into small groups. Each group is supervised and supported by external advisors.
    • The groups assess the same topic from the point of view of different stakeholders: science, NGO, industry, politics.
    • The results are presented in a simulated panel discussion.
    • During the last days, the groups prepare a final assessment document that will later be reviewed with feedback.
  3. Final day with a stakeholder symposium with talks on how industry uses scientific information and presentations by students of their projects from an applied point of view.

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